"I have attended the luncheons for several years. My mother, though she did not have the opportunity to attend college, was an independent woman who was very interested in the history and culture of her family and her community. It is encouraging to see that spirit continue, not only in the women of my family, but also in our Yolo County community."
Jim Brewer
West Sacramento

Great event! Everyone had a great time at my table, and I saw more than a few misty eyes during the performances.
L. Karen Harrison

Nonprofit Status

Yolo County Women’s History Month Committee is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt California non-profit corporation. Contributions to YCWHM qualify as tax-deductible for donors.

Past Luncheons

1987 -- Theme: Generations of Courage, Compassion, and Conviction

Supervisor Helen Thomson organized the first Yolo County Women’s History Month luncheon. The event was a success and it was decided that the luncheon would become an annual event.

1988 -- Theme: Reclaiming the Past...Rewriting the Future

First annual Women’s History Month luncheon in Yolo County held at the Yolo County Farm Bureau office in Woodland. The luncheon was part of 18 events celebrating women in history including a gala and quilt show.

Organizer: Helen Thomson, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2

1989 -- Theme: Heritage of Strength and Vision

Events included three Wednesday lunchtime brown bag events, a quilt show and an opening gala with Sally Roesch Wagner appearing as "Elizabeth Cady Stanton." On March 29, a luncheon was held at the Yolo County Farm Bureau hosted by the Farm Bureau and California Women for Agriculture.

1990 -- Theme: Courageous Voices Echoing in our Lives

Honorees: Mary Gordon, Kathrine Merwin, Jane Reiff, Evelyn Rominger, Twyla Thompson, Isabelle Wilson

Quilt show and opening gala honoring Yolo Superior Court Judge Donna Petre. Salad luncheon hosted by Yolo County Farm Bureau and California Women for Agriculture on March 20 at the Farm Bureau headquarters.

1991 -- Theme: Nurturing Tradition, Fostering Change

Quilt show and opening gala. “Women Helping Youth Awards” hosted by Woodland Business and Professional Women.

1992 -- Theme: Women’s History -- A Patchwork of Many Lives

Quilt show and reception with Congressman Vic Fazio and Assemblyman Tom Hannigan. Davis City Councilmember Susie Boyd and Davis Mayor Lois Wolk hosted a reception honoring women employees of Davis and Woodland. Woodland City Councilmember Elaine Timothy hosted a luncheon for women employees of Woodland.

1993 -- Theme: Growing up as a Minority Woman in Yolo County

Speakers: Christina Mendez, Marilyn Hayes

1994 -- Theme: In Every Generation Action Frees Our Dreams

Quilt show and five brown bag lunches in the Woodland Public Library along with video presentations which highlighted the contributions women have made to culture.  Additionally, community women's groups sponsored various luncheons and discussions.

Speaker: Assemblywoman Dede Alpert (D-San Diego)

Honoree: Dr. Pamela Marrone, President of Novo Nordisk Enotech, Inc., and recipient of Women in Leadership Award

1995 -- Theme: Promises to Keep

Honorees: 15 outstanding high school girls: Stephanie Boegeman, Jennifer Campos, Min-Huey Chen, Chelsea Clough, Jennifer Denny, Erika Felix, Sierra Kent, Jennifer Morrison, Deena Nicol, Ami Hasmukhlal Patel, Erin Quinn, Brenda Shaw, Hoang Thi My Truong, Karina Urbano, Cindyd Vieu

Speaker: Delaine Eastin, California Superintendent of Public Instruction

1996 -- Theme: Program not available

Quilt show and reception. Luncheon sponsored by Beta Sigma Phi, League of Women Voters of Woodland, and Elizabeth Z. Zemmels, Yolo County Superintendent of Schools 

Speaker: Ruth Rosen, UC Davis professor.  "What would a family-friendly society look like?"

1997 -- Theme: A Fine and Long Tradition of Community Leadership

Honorary Chair: Lynnel Pollock, Yolo County Supervisor, District 5

Honorees: Joan Callaway, Theresa Foster, Dorothy Montgomery, Joan Moses, Sheila Murray

1998 -- Theme: Living the Legacy of Women's Rights

Honorary Chair: Hon. Donna Petre, Yolo Superior Court Judge

Speaker: Martha West, Professor of Gender Law, UC Davis

1999 -- Theme: Women Putting our Stamp on Yolo County

Honorary Chair: Dona Mast, Yolo County Agri-Business Woman of the Year (1998)

Honorees: Jean Jordan, Robin Kulakow, Juanita Lopez, Paula Lorenzo, Mary Stephens, Marya Welch

2000 -- Theme: An  Extraordinary Century for Women... Now Imagine the Future

Honorary Chair: Cindy Tuttle, former Mayor of West Sacramento

Speaker: Dr. Marian Cleeves Diamond

2001 -- Theme: Celebrating Women of Courage and Vision

Honorary Chair: Lois Wolk, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2

Honorees: Penny Farrington, Nadine Noelting, Evelyn Praul, Kathy Trott, Pat Williams

Legacy awards: Kathleen Barsotti, Grace Ohlson

2002 -- Theme: Women Sustaining the American Spirit

Honorary Chair: Rose Conroy, City of Davis Fire Chief

Honorees: Pat Daugherty, Peggy Epstein, Debbie Kaake, Dorothy Laben, Donna Neu, Twyla Thompson

Legacy award: Emilia Quirarte Guerrero

2003 -- Theme: Women Pioneering the Future

Honorary Chair: Helen Thomson, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2

Speaker: Dorothy Stevens Enomoto, former Deputy Director, CA Dept. of Corrections

2004 -- Theme: Women Inspiring Hope and Possibility

Honorary Chair: Betsy Marchand, President, CA State Reclamation Board and Tribal Gaming Commissioner

Honorees: Charlotte Beal, Barbara Boehler, Pattie Fong, Mary Schiedt, Katie Villegas, Myrtle Zentner

Legacy awards: Jean Harvey, Margaret McDowell

2005 -- Theme: Women Change America

Honorary Chair: Dr. Angela Fairchilds, Dean, Woodland Community College

Speaker: Mariko Yamada, Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

2006 -- Theme: Women: Builders of Communities and Dreams

Honorary Chair: Debbie Davis, Editor and Assistant Publisher, Davis Enterprise

Honorees: Ann Evans, Joan Hogan, Joan Sublett, Lucinda Talkington, Helen Voss, Natalie Wormeli

Legacy awards: Grace Hiddleson, Mary Lynne Ishikawa

2007 -- Theme: Generations of Women Moving History Forward

Honorary Chair: Mary Stephens DeWall, Yolo County Librarian

Speaker: Shipley Walters, local historian.  Dramatic presentation featuring eight women in Yolo County history

2008 -- Theme: Women's Art, Women's Vision

Honorary Chair: Donna Billick, artist and educator

Program: Virtual art presentation and live performances by Yolo County women artists

2009 -- Theme: Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet

Honorary Chair: Mary Ann Warmerdam, Director, CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation

Honorees: Georgeanne Brennan, Ann Brice, Debra Chase, Annie Main, Judy Moores, Christine Shewmaker

2010 -- Theme: Writing Women Back into History

Honorary Chair and Speaker: Ramona Prieto, Assistant Commissioner, California Highway Patrol

2011 -- In lieu of hosting an annual luncheon, the YCWHM Committee took this year to focus on becoming an independent nonprofit organization.

2012 -- Theme: Celebrating 25 Years of Yolo County Women's History Month!

Honorary Chair and Speaker: Helen M. Thomson, retired California Assemblymember and Yolo County Supervisor, 2nd District

2013 -- Theme: Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Speaker: Linda P.B. Katehi, UC Davis Chancellor

2014 -- Theme: Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment

Honorees: Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Ann Foley Scheuring, Nicole Smith, Paula Lorenzo Tackett

2015 -- Theme: Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives

Program: Dramatic presentation by Davis High School drama students on the lives of Bessie Anderson, Alice Carbahal, Frances Sakai, and Tanya Volkers

2016 -- Theme: Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government

Speaker: Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of California

2017 -- Theme: Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business

Speaker: Janice Labadie, co-owner of Strelitzia Flower Co.

2018 -- Theme: Nevertheless She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Speaker: Martha S. West, Professor of Law Emerita, University of California Davis, School of Law


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